This is an all natural product to reverse balding and to also grow long, healthy, and vivacious hair. SHOP NOW “2 SPRAYS A DAY KEEPS THE BALD HEAD AWAY !" No surgeries, no pills, no lasers, no harsh chemicals, no ridiculous multiple step routines, and no side effects. Introducing Q. Hair Regrowth Spray !
Men and women can grow their hair back!

The Purpose of
Q. Hair Regrowth Spray

Stops and Reverses Balding

Q. Hair Regrowth Spray rejuvenates hair follicles that have been damaged, whether from heredity, harsh chemicals, medicine, damaging hairstyles, or years of general damage. It reopens the follicles to produce healthy hair strands.

Q. Hair Regrowth Spray suppresses Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a hormone that causes hair follicles to shrink in men and women.

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Ingredients in
Q. Hair Regrowth Spray

Through special techniques and multiple procedures, we extract the auxins, gibberllinans, and cyokinins from several plants including: lavender plants, ginger root plants, rosemary plants, sage plants and we also use coconut. Through several unique lab procedures we are able to excrete the hormones from these plants and utilize them to suppress the DHT hormone. We also utilize these plant hormones to reopen the follicles, nourish the bulb, and encourage the papilla cells to produce long and healthy hair strands.

Fast Delivery
100% Natural
Q. Hair Regrowth Spray is the most natural hair product on the market
30 Day Guarantee

The Creator of
Q. Hair Regrowth Spray

Dr. Levy Q. Barnes, Jr.

Dr. Levy Q. Barnes, Jr. is a native of New Orleans, LA, who is a graduate of St. Augustine High School, Tennessee State University, and California University of Theology. Outside of his other vocations, he worked as a Biology and Chemistry teacher. He began to suffer with hair loss and did months of research to discover his miracle serum for Q. Hair Regrowth Spray. He finally introduced his product to the public years later and has been helping people around the world who suffer with hair loss.

Testimonial Statements

  • Hazzle Wood
    I purchased Q. Hair Regrowth Spray from my hair stylist. I did not expect a miracle to happen. My hair completely grew back in the area of my thin hair.
    Hazzle Wood
  • Lisa Carter
    After having my child, I began to lose my hair around my edges. Dr. Levy explained to me what was happening to my body. I purchased 1 bottle and after 2 weeks my edges grew back. Q. Hair Spray works.
    Lisa Carter
  • Alan Phillipson
    I sell this product in my salon because after using Q. Hair Regrowth Spray for 3 weeks, my bald and thin spot was gone. I introduce Q. Hair Regrowth Spray to every customer I see with hair loss.
    Alan Phillipson
  • Matt Johnson
    I learned about Q. Hair Regrowth Spray and purchased 3 bottles. My hair grew back so full that people I knew did not recognize me when I approached them. Q. Hair Regrowth Spray worked for me.
    Matt Johnson
  • Clinton Giddens
    Dr. Levy came to teach at my barber school, and I purchased a bottle of Q. Hair Spray from him. 5 days later my hair grew back. When I graduate and open a shop, I will make sure that all of my customers know about this product.
    Clinton Giddens