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I tried several products but saw no results. I became very irritated with every product and gave up trying any further. But when a friend of mine forced me to at least try it for once, I had to say yes. I was completely bald but after using Q hair regrowth spray for 3 years natural hair growth, I am finally on the road to recovering every inch of hair on my head.

Patricia Robert

This spray is truly an overachiever. At first, I was skeptical to use it. But now, the results have astonished me. It is nicely filing in my thinning areas and I am seeing a greater difference. I can’t help recommending it.

Olivia Jacob

I finally started seeing the hair growth on my head after 5 years. Having used many sprays and serums, I had lost hope. But, Q hair regrowth spray came as my savior. It is magical indeed. The smell is so nice and my scalp doesn’t itch after using it. If you are finding any true herbal hair tonic, I must say, try Q hair spray.

Emma Mason

I have been using it in front of my hair and has seen a major difference. If something could beat my baldness, there is nothing but this Q hair regrowth spray. I am now confident to go outside without wearing a cap.

Jaydon John

I learned about Q. Hair Regrowth Spray and purchased 3 bottles. My 6 months natural hair growth experience with Q Hair Spray brought me back my hair so full that people I knew did not recognize me when I approached them. Indeed an extraordinary bald solution.

Matt Johnson

Dr. Levy came to teach at my barber school, and I purchased a bottle of Q. Hair Spray from him. 5 days later my hair grew back. This product also smells so nice. When I graduate and open a shop, I will make sure that all of my customers know about this product.

Clinton Giddens


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